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Paint Color Solutions

What it is

A relaxed, easy way to find the perfect paint colors for your home. Color can be totally transformative—changing the mood and the energy in a room like magic. But in our work with clients over the years we’ve encountered many who have resigned their walls to strictly white or beige because they’re afraid of “getting color wrong.” Truly Home will help you get color right—every time. (And if neutrals are what you gravitate to, we’ll help you get them right too.)

How it works

Schedule an in-home consultation and we’ll arrive with our paint color decks and other resources, and help you identify what colors you (and your family) respond to. We’ll work together to find the shades that will work best in your rooms—depending on such factors as light levels, existing furnishings, and the feeling you want to create.  And because the perfect color can only be determined by testing it in the room (not by looking at a tiny paint chip), we’ll assist you in the process of creating test patches or boards.

How to get started

In-home Paint Color Solutions consult: Starting at $400 (for up to four rooms). Includes a follow-up visit to help make the final color selection.

The first step: Request a free phone consultation.

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